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6 Months Cancellation Rule with American Express Referrals

American Express in Canada and the United States has really clamped down on offering sign up bonuses to people more than once. 

Just in case you were not aware, American Express Canada changed its sign up bonus policy, where you can only receive a sign up bonus once in your lifetime. The only exception is if you are referred to the credit card by one of your friends or family member who already has the credit card. That being said, the wording on the referral is still a little tricky. The official American Express wording reads:

  • This offer is only available to new American Express® Gold Rewards Cardmembers. We may approve your application, but you will not be eligible for the welcome bonus. Offer subject to change at any time.

So I inquired with American Express about what is meant by “new”. But first of all, I would like to point out the part about how the offer is “subject to change at any time”. Even the customer service representative indicated, that as she was explaining over the phone, and as you are reading this post, that the rules can change any minute.

For now, what I understand is that, even if you are referred by a friend, you need to have cancelled the credit card at least 6 months prior from signing up again. When I asked why they didn’t specify on the website, they said it was because the rules can change at any moment.

I strongly suspect that this loop hole is going to close very quickly as well. So if you know any family or friends who already had a specific credit card, and want to sign up again, and cancelled at least 6 months ago (what a mouth full!), then you mine as well refer them as soon as possible.

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