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Airlines Leaning Towards Biofuels

I was just reading an article about how the airline industry is expecting to more than double in business over the next two years, because emerging countries are becoming wealthier, so more people will be able to afford to travel. As a result, airlines need to find a cheaper source of energy, such as biofuels.

This actually sounds like a very bad idea. We don’t need to increase the price of food for the sake of tourism. Hopefully we will see other sources of energy for airline travel.

United Airlines recently invested $30 million in alternative energy.

In addition to biodiesel, reports have found that hydrogen and FT kerosene have the potential to provide savings to airlines.

It is obviously inevitable that more and more people will be able to afford air travel around the world. I’m not an energy expert, but hopefully we will see some other energy efficient ideas emerge before it is too late. This kind of planning needs to start earlier.

To lead by example, why don’t we kick off a discussion on what alternative energy ideas should be considered for the long term? Please put your suggestions in the comment section below.


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