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AMEX vs. CIBC vs. TD Aeroplan (Lowest Annual Fees)

Today, I am continue my series on credit card comparisons, which I asked my readers to provide suggestions. Feel free to continually add more suggestions to the comment section in that post. 

I have already written posts about the other co-branded Aeroplan credit cards with much higher annual fees:

Today’s post is about the lowest annual fee co-branded Aeroplan credit cards. Because these are the lowest tier cards, it will be a very straightforward comparison. Let’s first review the highlights of each card and then break down each factor.

American Express AeroplanPlus Card

  • $60 annual fee
  • $20 annual fee for each supplementary cardholder
  • Earn 5,000 sign up bonus Aeroplan miles after first purchase
  • Earn 1 mile for every $1 spent on all purchases

CIBC Aero Platinum Visa Card

  • $39 annual fee
  • No annual fee for supplementary cardholders (up to a maximum of 3)
  • Earn 5,000 sign up bonus miles after the first purchase
  • Earn 1 Aeroplan Mile for every $1 spent at participating CIBC Bonus Rewards restaurants, hotels, inns and spas
  • Earn 1 mile for every $1.50 spent on all other purchases

TD Aeroplan Visa Platinum Card

  • $89 annual fee
  • $35 annual fee for each supplementary cardholder
  • Earn 10,000 sign up bonus Aeroplan miles after your first purchase
  • Earn 1 mile for every $1 spent on gas, grocery, drugstore purchases
  • Earn 1 mile for every $1.50 spent on all other purchases

Annual Fees

It is not even up for debate. CIBC is the clear winner here with the lowest annual fee for the primary cardholder and no annual fee for any supplementary cardholders.

Winner: CIBC Aero Platinum

Sign Up Bonuses

It only makes sense that the TD credit card is the winner here, especially considering that they offer the highest annual fee.

Winner: TD Aeroplan


AMEX now has a once in a lifetime sign up bonus, so they would be in last place. TD would be in second place, because they have a clear 6 months waiting period rule; whereby, you need to wait 6 months in between receiving your sign up bonus.

CIBC has a little more loose wording. However, they do have a blanket statement: “Offer may be revoked if you appear to be manipulating or abusing it, or are engaged in any suspicious or fraudulent activity, as determined by CIBC in its sole discretion. Offer may be withdrawn or changed without notice at any time.” So I would not go crazy in between sign ups with them anyway, but they are still the winner.

That being said, these sign up bonuses are too low for my taste. I would not be churning these credit cards. These are annual cards that may make sense to hold long term, considering that they have the lowest annual fees.

Winner: CIBC Aero Platinum

Retention Bonuses

As stated above, I would not spend my time trying to churn these credit cards, especially because they all do not really offer any first year fee waived promotions. The AMEX one used to waive its fee, but that has since discontinued.

If you are already a client for CIBC or TD, I would push them all day to waive the fee, as it becomes due year after year. Generally, I find that you will have the most luck with TD, if you are already a client with them.

Winner: TD Aeroplan

Earning Ratios

This is an easy choice as the AMEX card makes it very simple, whereby you earn 1 mile for every $1 spent on all purchases. There are no spending categories.

Winner: AMEX AeroplanPlus


Since we’re in the lowest tier grouping of co-branded Aeroplan cards, I will give the tie-breaker to the annual fee, so therefore, CIBC Aero Platinum is my winner for today’s post.

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