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An Intro to the revised Canadian Tire Loyalty Program

Traditionally, we all know that Canadian Tire gives out “Canadian Tire Money” when you make a purchase at their retail stores. The colourful purple, green, blue, brown, grey and red paper money brought attraction to its customers and led client coming back to the store in order to earn more (or use the ones they’ve collected from previous purchases). I remember as a kid, I used to collect them from my parents each time we would stop by a Canadian Tire to pick up something; it wasn’t worth a lot, but it somehow made me really happy to have that “paper money” in my hands.

Since then, Canadian Tire states that there has been about $1 billion dollars worth of Canadian Tire money circulated in the country since the first introduction of the program in 1958.

The Canadian Tire loyalty program is one of the oldest loyalty programs situated in Canada. Beginning in the end of 2014, Canadian Tire Corp Ltd. announced that they will be transitioning over to a digital loyalty program in which Canadian Tire dollars will be earned in replacement of the historical paper cash. You can now download the Canadian Tire Mobile Application to start earning Canadian Tire cash digitally.

The revised loyalty program will allow the company to track customer buying patterns and send them deals and offered tailored to their shopping habits.

By signing up for the Canadian Tire ‘Money’ Program, you can opt in to the following benefits:

  • Receive offers tailored to your spending habits
  • Weekly flyer bonuses
  • Easier returns at Canadian Tire stores which do not require you to have a paper receipt

Final Take on the Canadian Tire Loyalty Program

On a business perspective, this is definitely a strategic approach by Canadian Tire Corp to move from a more traditional paper loyalty program to a digital one in order to keep up with competition. Since technology has advanced, most individuals prefer to be able to access everything through their mobile phones or tablet. It would require much effort to keep a stack of Canadian Tire paper money in their wallet. Moreover, this allows the company to understand their clients more and allow them to approach their frequent shoppers under more familiarized circumstances. If you are a frequenter of Canadian Tire, I would recommend signing up for the credit card in order to earn points at a much quicker rate.

Ultimately, Canadian Tire has been around for many years, offering many type of products and services such as automobile services, gas services and more recently, financial services. It is has been deemed by Forbes as the top loyalty program in Canada, so it is definitely here to stay. I would love to see how the digital program comes along while we have some competition rising from companies such as Walmart and Target. However, as a long time Canadian Tire loyalty program client, I do miss the idea of having that physical money in my hands when I make a purchase at a Canadian Tire; it definitely separated this company from the rest. Although I do love

the fact that you can bring your Canadian Tire ‘Money’ in to a retail store and have it converted into digital money and applied into your e-account.

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