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Canadian Airline Series: Hawkair

In today’s post, we will be introducing Hawkair, a Canadian airline based in Terrace, British Columbia. The airline operates services in British Columbia only. Its major hub is Northwest Regional Airport.

Hawkair (1)

Route Map



Vancouver (Vancouver International Airport)
  • Prince Rupert (Prince Rupert Airport)
  • Smithers (Smithers Airport)
  • Terrace-Kitimat (Northwest Regional Airport)

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Frequent Flyer Program

Hawkair offers their own HawkairPLUS loyalty program in which you can earn points every time you travel and redeem them for compliments flights on Hawkair.

Depending on the type of fare class ticket you have purchased, redeeming complimentary travel can be achieved in approximately five flights.

Hawkair (3)

Hawkair awards flights can be redeemed when you have earned 7,500 HawkairPLUS points.

HawkairPLUS members can book award flights under their own name or for other travellers.

There is no cost to apply for the HawkairPLUS rewards program. You can only use points to redeem for complimentary flights offered by Hawkair; unfortunately, there is no points and cash system. HawkairPLUS members will not be able to transfer points to another member’s account.

All awards flights will only cover the base fare; all over fees, taxes and fuel surcharges will need to be covered by the HawkairPLUS member. Points earned from the HawkairPLUS flight rewards program will have a 4 year expiration date. No tier levels for the HawairPLUS membership, all flights redeemed are one way Flex fare flights.

Travel Information

Hawkair travellers will be permitted to two pieces of free checked baggage, each weighing 70 lbs or less. If your bag is overweight or oversized, you will be charged $60 each piece of baggage. Passengers are also permitted to two pieces of free carry on baggage, each weighing 22 lbs or less.

You can customise your trip when booking with Hawkair. Hawkair offers different ticket fares which are meant to accommodate your budget and travel needs. You only pay for the services you will be using and the ones you are not will be eliminated from your flight cost.

Hawkair (4)


Hawkair travellers can also enjoy additional discounts off their partner companies. Below you can find some of the discounts that Hawkair members receive when booking with them.

Ramada Limited Vancouver Downtown: If you book through the Hawkair website, you can save an additional 10% discount.

Westin Vancouver Airport: 1 Standard Room: Hawkair passengers rate $149 per night, Lowest standard rate $239

Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre: 1 Standard Room: Hawkair passengers rate $239, Lowest standard rate: $345

Hawkair other official partners include the following companies:

  • Prince Rupert Crest Hotel
  • Prince Rupert Inn on the Harbour
  • Eagle Point Lodge
  • Dolphins North Lodge
  • Haa-nee-naa Lodge
  • Hudson Bay Mountain
  • Shames Mountain

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