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Category: Air Canada (Aeroplan)

Value of Aeroplan Distinction

If you were wondering how valuable the Aeroplan Distinction program is, I was wondering the same thing. So I thought I’d provide a post talking about the value of the program. Aeroplan...

Aeroplan Shopping Bonus

Just a couple of days away from Boxing Day. As I have stated in the past, don’t underestimate the bonuses miles that you can earn through online shopping portals. Currently, the stronger Canadian...

Quick 250 Aeroplan Miles by Sharing your Story

Aeroplan is offering readers 250 bonus miles for sharing your experience about a recent Aeroplan reward flight. Just click on this link. Once you complete your story (which I did first before posting),...

Top 5 Ways to Keep your Aeroplan Account Active without Flying

With all the negativity surrounding Air Miles, Aeroplan has actually become much more valuable to me. So today, I will write a post about the 5 easiest ways to keep your account active without flying....

Fly Economy or First Class?

The question has been asked frequently about whether it is more worth it to redeem your hard earned miles for economy or first class. Some people would argue that they rather have more trips, so economy....

A Few Aeroplan Shopping Promotions

Aeroplan is offering a few shopping portal promotions. This is a great way to accumulate miles more quickly. I would not go out of my way to shop, just to accrue bonus miles, but if you happen to need...

My Favourite Loyalty Programs / Looking for Topics to Write About

I was recently asked on TV what my favourite loyalty program was. I realize that I did not give a direct answer. In my About Us section, I do list a few current favourite programs, such as Aeroplan, American...

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