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Category: Air Canada (Altitude)

[AIRLINE] Air Canada Rouge

Air Canada’s low-cost carrier called Rouge is proving to be somewhat of a flop. I am uncertain what Air Canada would like to achieve from this. They are essentially trying to offer a low-cost carrier,...

[AIRLINE] 2014 Changes to the Air Canada Altitude Program

You can read more about the Elite statuses: Elite 25K, Elite 35K, Elite 50K, Elite 75K and Elite 100K. Below are the list of changes that became effective in March 2014 to the Elite statuses. Complimentary...

[TRAVEL] Air Canada Luggage Toss Caught on Video

If you have not heard of this incident yet, check out this news article. This incident, to me, is another result of the check-in baggage fee. Since the implementation of checked-in luggage bag fees, our...

[AIRLINE] Air Canada CEO earns $7.8 million in 2013

Like it or not, it seems to me that Air Canada is clearly making money. The breakdown of his salary is as follows: $1.4 million in base salary, $2.6 million in share-based awards, $2.6 million in stock...

[ANALYSIS] Air Canada Elite 100K

This is the final part of the series on Air Canada Elite status. We previously wrote about the Prestige 25K, Elite 35K, Elite 50K and Elite 75K statuses. Today, I will focus on the highest level, which...

[AIRLINE] Air Canada Cancelling flights to Venezuela

Air Canada has suspended flights to and from Venezuela due to the protests against the government until further notice. Air Canada announced that they can no longer ensure the safety of its operation....

[AIRLINE] Air Canada Considering Raising Fares and Fees

The Canadian dollar has been on a downward trend. That might be a good thing for some people, but it could be a bad thing for airline passengers. Air Canada announced that they are considering raising...

[ANALYSIS] Air Canada Elite 75K

This is the continuation of my series on Air Canada Elite status. I previously wrote about the Prestige 25K, Elite 35K and Elite 50K statuses. Today, I will focus on the next level, which is the Elite...

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