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Category: SCENE (Cineplex)

[PROMOTION] Earn 5,000 Scene Points with Scotiabank (expired on September 30, 2014)

There are not too many debit cards in Canada that allows you to earn points when you use it. Scotiabank has an excellent debit card that allows you to earn Scene points. The highlights of the debit card...

[PROMOTION] 4,000 Scene Points with Scotiabank (expired on October 31, 2014)

Scotiabank currently has a higher than usual signup bonus at 4,000 points on the Scotiabank Scene Visa Card that is equivalent to 4 free movies. Below are the highlights of the credit card: No annual...

Top No Annual Fee Credit Cards (other than cash back)

I previously wrote about the top “cash” back no annual fee credit cards in Canada. Below are the top other types of no annual fee credit cards. Keep in mind that these credit cards are specific...

Paying $25 for Popcorn at the Movies

Recently, I went to the movies with my girlfriend and I paid nearly $25 for popcorn ($24.85 to be exact, but let’s round it up). Needless to say, she flipped out! Here’s how it went down. The...

Happy Halloween! Rundown of the Scene Program 2013

Are you up for a scary movie tonight? For all you movie lovers and movie theatre goers, the SCENE Program has some great value. Cineplex has done a great job with the SCENE program, even starting to run...

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