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New Look to the AskingCanadians Website

The slew of website changes continues, last time it was American Express, MBNA and the Bank of Montreal. Now it is AskingCanadians‘ turn. AskingCanadians completely revamped its website, especially...

[ANALYSIS] AskingCanadians

One of my favourite survey programs in Canada is called AskingCanadians, which is free to sign up. Asking Canadians is a survey program that asks you to share your opinion in return for rewards. You can...

E-Rewards Sign Up Bonuses

This is a post on my favourite survey program, E-Rewards. When you do E-Rewards surveys, you earn E-Reward dollars. Those dollars are transferable to multiple partners, especially airlines. To sign up...

[ANALYSIS] E-Rewards

I have been filling out surveys for years and I find the rewards I earn so valuable. My favourite program, hands down, is the E-Rewards program because of all the different rewards available to me. We...

Update with E-Rewards

Filling the surveys can be tedious work, but we all work hard at our job or when studying for exams. The reason we work hard is because we believe that there is value in what we are doing. We previously wrote...

Paying for Things with Surveys

Whenever I have time to kill, I like to find ways to make money. One of my favourite ways to make money online is to do surveys. I previously wrote about various survey programs that are useful to help...

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