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[TRAIN] VIA Rail Enhances Business Class

I received an email from VIA Rail about some exciting new upgrades to the business class service, including: new ergonomic seating, new meals, personalized service, refurbished lounges, and greener trips. Some...

[PROMOTION] 40% Reward Sale and a Few Suggestions to VIA Rail (expired on March 31, 2014)

VIA Rail is currently running a promotion where you can use 40% fewer points to redeem for a reward trip on the Ocean or the Canadian. Trips are available in any class of service on board the Canadian...

[TRAIN] Traveling on VIA Rail Business Class

I’ve sat in my fair share of Business Class and let me tell you right away that after experiencing it for the very first time, I never wanted to go back to Economy. You really do get a little spoiled...

[PROMOTION] VIA Rail (expired on November 26, 2013)

VIA Rail is at it again. This time, some of the trips are even cheaper than last time, notably the Toronto – Montreal trip is $27 this time instead of $29 last time. You will however have to travel...

[TRAIN] VIA Preference (Part 2)

When I first joined VIA Rail, I bought the VIA 6 Pak during my university days is what got me started with VIA rail. Basically the VIA 6 Pak is when you pre-pay for 6 tickets that you can use at anytime...

[PROMOTION] VIA Rail (expired on November 11, 2013)

As you already know, I am a big fan of VIA Rail, so when I saw the one day sale, I had to let you all know. You have to travel by Monday, November 11, 2013. It is actually a long weekend for some of...

[TRAIN] VIA Preference (Part 1)

I used to take the train fairly frequently, at least a return trip once a month. I definitely prefer the train over the bus, so when I did not have a car, the train was pretty much my main source of long...

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