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Ways to Prevent Spread of Coronavirus when Travelling

Today’s post was triggered when I read about a Canadian confirmed with coronavirus on a cruise ship. As of today, over 900 deaths and 40,000 confirmed cases, which probably means there are more...

ALERT: Cancelled Flights to China due to Coronavirus

You have probably read about the coronavirus outbreak from China and it being spread around the world. Due to this risk, many flights to China have been cancelled, so you will want to check your flights...

Lyft and Uber Launched in Vancouver

Love it or hate it, Uber and Lyft are running in Vancouver effective today (January 24, 2020), but with some catches. Currently, Lyft will be limited to the Vancouver core, while Uber will cover more of...

How to make Economy Air Travel more Comfortable

I have been writing an update on this post, almost every 2 years (2016, 2018). Travel change over time, so it is worth an update. Also, I was reading back on my last post in 2018 and felt like I should...

176 People on Crashed Flight (Tehran-Kyiv-Toronto)

I’m sure you have read about this story already. We were waiting for more details before posting about it, especially the cause of the crash, which remains unknown. But we did not want to wait any...

Travel Advice and Advisories for Canadians

I often get questions like: “Should I go to this country?”, “Is it safe to go to this country?” As you probably know, part of the reason this blog was created, was because I wanted...

How to make Economy Air Travel more Comfortable (updated April 20, 2018)

I actually wrote a post about this subject two years ago and I thought it was due for a slight update. As you probably already do, a lot of time is spent collecting miles and points so that we can have...

Freedom Flights Going Through Canada

My last post on Freedom flights through Canada was definitely due or an update.  The concept of “Freedoms of the Air” is basically the right to use airspace. There are different types of...

Montreal, Ottawa Toronto Hyperloop Inching Closer

There is a slight update on the high speed slight shot between Montreal and Toronto. The last time I learned about this, the plan was Toronto to Montreal in 30 minutes. The next state of the approval process...

Best Reward Redemptions for Calgary, Alberta

Today, I continue my best reward redemption series with Calgary, Alberta, as suggested to me by one of my readers. Good timing, since the YYC MeetUp is coming soon! Keep in mind that Calgary is the fourth...

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