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Whether it makes more sense to Redeem for Economy or First/Business Class

There is always going to be a hot debate on whether it makes more sense to redeem for economy or first/business class travel. For the purposes of this post, I will focus more on Aeroplan. But the same...

Tips to Help Cope with Jet Lag

Generally, our bodies are programmed to do a continuous routine (e.g. eating and sleeping) within a 24-hour period. Our body gets out of sync when we travel long distances at high speeds, and cross into...

How to be Comfortable on Economy Air Travel

Flying long haul flights can be exhausting and draining, so today, I will give some suggestions how to make your flight more comfortable without the luxury of business or first class treatments. Take a...

Etiquettes of Boarding and Disembarking a Plane

Boarding and disembarking a plane can be a real pain, especially if you are in a rush to catch your layover flight. I would advocate for a little bit of respect and teamwork could go a long way. The issue...

Travel Between Montreal to Toronto in 30 Minutes

In 2013, SpaceX founder and billionaire Elon Musk announced a Hyperloop challenge to design what he calls a “fifth mode of transportation.” A Toronto startup company called Transpod took...

When the Canadian Dollar is Weak…

As we are moving into the Spring, most people will take advantage to travel before the students are let off from school. For us in Canada, it becomes nicer out, the weather is warmer and you can be sure...

[READER QUESTION] What Types of Travel Insurance are Covered on Award Travel?

A Pointshogger’s reader asked a question about the types of travel insurance that is covered on award travel. Generally speaking, if you have purchased your ticket with a travel credit card, you are...

Airlines Cancellation Fees

When we’re planning for a trip, unforeseeable changes may occur and we end having to cancel our trip. Making modifications to an itinerary can be very costly, sometimes as much as a short-haul ticket...

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