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Longest Flight Departing from Canada

Today’s post is more about catering to my hobby. I was actually curious to find out what is the longest flight departing from Canada. Below is a list of the top 3 flights ranked by distance. 3) Vancouver,...

Saturday Updates (Canadian Points University, Awarding Canada)

Gotta love the weekend. Here are this week’s Saturday updates! Canadian Points University in now here! In case you haven’t heard, Canadian Points University is coming to Vancouver, BC! This...

When to Choose a Direct Flight or a Layover

Pointshogger readers of frequently asked us whether it makes more sense to choose a direct flight or a layover. So today, I will list out some of the factors that I consider when making this decision. Most...

Which Frequent Flyer Program to use in Each Respective Regions of Canada

Often times, I am asked which airline frequent flyer program to accrue. My answer has always been the same, it depends on which region of the country that you live. Depending on which part of the country...

Pet Policies on Flights

For most airline carriers, pets are accepted as a checked or carry-on baggage; however it is always important to check the terms and conditions before booking a flight. Using Air Canada as an example,...

Have Selfie Sticks Become a Part of Travel?

In recent years, you can see these phones on a stick in the greatest attractions around the world, allowing travelers to take pictures of themselves with the magnificent scenery in the background. Well,...

Air Travel Past Versus Present: Airport Experience

In our previous post, we spoke about how air travel has changed in terms of the flight experience. Today’s post will focus on the airport experience and how it has changed over the years. Airport Lounges Lounges...

Air Travel Past Versus Present: Flight Experience

Remember the days when it was mandatory to turn off your cell phone as the flight prepares for take off, no Wi-Fi service in flight, paper boarding passes, and a whole lot of cash was needed if you wished...

Travel Credit Cards with Concierge Service

When we hear the word Travel Credit Card, we always think about the spending perks and travel insurance that comes attached to owning the card. However, what we don’t realize is that many travel credit...

Breakdown of Fees Associated with Airline Tickets

In the past few years, airlines have implicated different types of airline fees in order to generate more revenue for the corporation. And of course, us being the clients have been on the negative end...

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