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Best Credit Cards While Backpacking (updated July 5, 2014)

Backpacking has been a very common way to travel for a long period of time as it allows you to visit different places at very affordable costs. But there are still great ways to maximize your return...

[TRAVEL] The Gap between Luxury and Affordable Lodging Widening

I just finished reading a great article about how it seems that the gap between luxury and affordable lodging is widening. Below are three paragraphs that essentially summarize the whole article: Private...

[TRAVEL] Canadian Passport Information

I will need to renew my passport this summer and I was looking into the procedures, especially the fees. So I thought I’d write a post about the passport procedure and the fee structure. Depending...

[TRAVEL] Traveling to the United States

Just in time for the Victoria long weekend, when many people may be travelling to the United States. Often times, when Canadians think of travelling to the United States, we think about shopping opportunities,...

[TRAVEL] Airline Travel Rights

In case of lost luggage, long delays, bumped for overbooking, etc., you have some forms of compensation that you can take advantage of. This post is inspired by a new article from CBC. 1. Luggage Issues If...

[TRAVEL] Higher Fuel Prices Good for Airlines?

This post is in reference to a recent news article that talks about the benefits of higher oil prices. The price of oil has doubled in the last decade, but airline fares have not double. The reason is...

[TRAVEL] Air Canada Luggage Toss Caught on Video

If you have not heard of this incident yet, check out this news article. This incident, to me, is another result of the check-in baggage fee. Since the implementation of checked-in luggage bag fees, our...

[AIRPORT] Knowing your Local Airports can Help you Maximize your Rewards

When it comes to maximizing the value of your points, it is important to know what flights are offered at your local airport. But first, you need to determine what type of spender and traveller you are....

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