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Fairness Towards Loyalty Programs

As we start the new year, I am looking to improve my writing style. So you feedback is most welcome!

I was re-reading a post that I wrote over half a year ago, entitled: 12 Aeroplan Myths and My Commentary. When I look back now, I felt like I was being too tough on Aeroplan. So it got me thinking about how my readers thought of my commentaries.

Writing Style

The writing style that I have taken, when making a commentary on a specific reward program is to say it like I see it. I am more than happy to give credit where credit is due. But if I feel that they could do a better job, then I am not going to be shy about pointing it out.

What I do hope that I offer is a fair compromise. If I am going to suggest a change to a program, it should benefit both the loyalty program just as much as the consumer. For example, in my Aeroplan commentary, a major theme is that Aeroplan should try to offer more award availability. Of course there are many factors to take into consideration before that can happen. But let’s break it down. If there is more award availability, there will be more happy customers who would be more willing to collect Aeroplan miles. However, it is no secret that expiring miles is highly profitable to loyalty programs. There is always a balance to be struck between making money from more members taking advantage of the program, along with expiring miles and points.

Another suggestion that I have continually made, more directed towards credit card companies is to offer a fee waiver to high spenders. How is that not a win/win? If a credit card holder spends at least $10,000-$15,000 per year (maybe $20,000?) on their credit card a year, I would hope that it would be sufficient to waive the annual fee the following year. This incentive would easily encourage credit card holders to retain their credit card for the long term.

Please Share Your Thoughts

Anyway, I am probably opening the door for me to take a hit, but if I want to grow as a writer, I will need some feedback. Positive comments are definitely welcome, as I would like to know what you like most about my writing style so that I can keep it going. I also welcome constructive criticisms as I will have an idea on where to improve.

Here is a benchmark, do you feel that I am:

  1. Too generous towards loyalty programs
  2. Balanced enough
  3. Too mean towards loyalty programs
  4. Somewhere in between?

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