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Glitch with the American Express Air Miles Platinum Credit Card

I was referred by my dad earlier this year to sign up for the American Express Air Miles Platinum Credit Card. As we all know, American Express has made changes to its sign up bonus qualifications. We are now only entitled to one sign up bonus per lifetime, unless we are referred by a family or friend.

This is why I had my dad refer me to sign up for this credit card because I have taken advantage of the sign up bonus once before, many years ago when it was only 1,000 sign up bonus Air Miles, now 2,000 sign up bonus Air Miles. He received his 500 referral bonus points pretty much immediate. My 2,000 sign up bonus points was another story.

I met my $500 spending requirement after 1 month, so my bonus points were confirmed in my 1st monthly statement, but the points never showed up in my Air Miles account. I thought I provided my correct Air Miles account number during the sign up, so when I finally received my first statement, I found out that a new Air Miles account was created under my name. After a series of 5 phone calls to American Express over the next month (yes this issue carried over to my next monthly statement), I finally found out on my 5th conversation that a new Air Miles account was created under my name and that it was a system-wide issue.

By my 3rd statement, they finally resolved the issue and I have finally received all my points. I am glad that the issue was finally resolved.

I just wanted to share my experience with everyone just in case you encounter the same issue as I did. I am fairly used to glitches, so I am used to having to need to speak with multiple customers service representatives over the span of a few weeks to sort out any issues. Often times, we may even hear different versions of the issues from different customers service representatives.

It was a painful process, but I am happy with my 2,000+ Air Miles. Hopefully no one else runs into the same issue as I did. But if you do, be patient. It may take several phone calls to sort it out.

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