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Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for…

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! We really started adding to our collection of yearly traditions, Thanksgiving is no different (2017, 2016, 20152014). Below is a list of items that I have thankful for this year in the rewards industry!

1) Thank you for reward programs! This one cannot be unstated. There reason is it brought up year after year is because reward programs is the main reason why Pointshogger exists. Without it, I would be doing something else instead.

2) Thank you for transferable points programs! Programs like RBC Avion, American Express Membership Rewards or HBSC points, have become extremely valuable to me. Having the ability to bank your points into a central pool makes a world of difference. It gives members way more flexibility on where they want to transfer their points to help top up for a specific reward redemption.

3) Thank you for survey programs! Survey programs started with being a drag to a fun hobby of mine. I joined my first survey program almost 10 years ago and now it has become a fun hobby of mine. I really do enjoy the ability to earn extra miles and points through my own efforts, rather than just depending on spending or circulating money around.

4) Thank you for bonus offers! Multiplier bonuses has always been a common way to boost our loyalty accounts, so it definitely does deserve a mention. Any time you can earn extra bonus for something that you were spending money on is always a plus.

What are you most thankful for? Please share in the comment section below!

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