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[HOTEL] Past Versus Present Experience

In recent years, it has been a real game changer in the hotel industry on how to approach the needs of its consumer market. In today’s post, we will focus on how the hotel industry has changed to fit better the current market of travellers.

Hotel Rooms

It is not a big surprise that after many years of operation when hotels would need a new facelift in order to keep its clients rolling in. Afterall, a room made of brick wall painted in white just is not going to do the trick anymore. Hotels have spent a hefty amount renovating hotel rooms, turning them into apartment style suites with parted rooms.


Lobbies have become much larger, equipped with modern style sitting areas allowing travellers to social and rest after a long day. Hotels have been more open for social gatherings to occur in the main lobby, you can even find bars or a café close by, offering snacks and beverages.


We have seen recently more and more unbundling fees which allows travellers to choose whether they wish to have that service provided to them or not. You can choose from complimentary breakfast, to spa included packages, depending on what your needs are.

On Site Facilities

Now we can see more variety in services available in hotels such as high end restaurants and bars. If you’re having a few drinks, you can feel safe making your way back to the hotel room.

Additionally, the availability of swimming pools, gyms and spa services has become widely popular as it allows the client to take a relaxing break after long travel hours. In some hotels, you will find car rental services and airline check-in kiosks available making it convenient for guests and their travels. You can easily eliminate wait time by having these services accessible in your hotel. You also do not need to spend the last couple of hours of your trip at the airport.

In Room Service

Inside the hotel room, we can find that regular outlet plugs have been replaced with USB plugs, catering to the standard Apple, Android, and Tablet products. Sometimes, you may even find a few plugs clustered in the same area, so you are able to charge more than one product at once.

The Internet

It has come to this day where Wi-Fi in most hotels has become complimentary. In some cases, hotels will even offer public Wi-Fi in the common areas where guests can take advantage of the Internet at all times. Hotels may need to continuous increase their bandwidth as guests are looking for more content and video.

Social Media

Social media has encouraged hotels to take corporate responsibility and to become unique in their own ways. With guests having real-time information on the hotel, it is important for them to stay alert in terms of customer service and quality. This has also impacted the way hotels respond to problems. If guests had a negative experience, it is very likely that it will be posted on social media. With employees focussed on hotel social media platforms, response to problems and issue have become quicker and positive as social media plays a large role in reputation and credibility.


There’s no need to call in for reservations anymore as online booking is widely available on numerous websites. If you can access the Internet, then you do not need to ever speak with a representative for your hotel reservations. Most hotels will state in detail what is included in your booking, check-in check-out times, parking, and so on. On third party websites such as Hotewire and Priceline, you can even lock in prices which the hotel front desk agent cannot provide to you.

Starwood has recently introduced the Keyless program which allows guests to download an application on their phone which will give them access to their hotel room once the booking has been made. This reduces the check-in time as you do not need to pass by the hotel front desk during your time of stay.

Loyalty Programs

The introduction of redeeming loyalty points for frequent stayers has brought the concept of hotel brand loyalty. Most hotels have introduced their own loyalty program in which guests can take advantage by earning points during their stays in return for complementary upgrades and free nights. Many travellers frequently base their travels around hotels in which they are a member in.

The Bottom Line

The hotel industry has made improvements along with some innovation in creating a better experience for guests. The hotel industry is no longer based on a corporate setting where most guests are business travellers. Contemporary renovations give guests a comfort of feeling at home, allowing them to reside inside hotels for a longer period of time taking advantage of amenities and onsite facilities. Hotels are not only a place for accommodation, but have become an important factor in our travels as a whole.

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