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How Does GoAmeego Work?

Today we are featuring Pointshogger contributor, Nikhail Singh, also the founder of GoAmeego, who will share with us how this website (and soon to be mobile app) will help you meet up with your friends more often when you travel. It’s a simple to use service that send you automatic email notifications when you and your friends’ travel plans overlap.

Ever traveled to a city for work or leisure and left only to see a Facebook post from one of your friends indicating that they were also in that city at the same time as you? If so, you’re not alone. Thousands of travelers experience this every day. In fact, we surveyed frequent travelers and found that 70% of them experience this issue.

With the prevalence of social media and our increasingly interconnected networks, why does this happen so often? After speaking with travelers from all over the world, we’ve come up with the following three reasons.

  • Privacy – People generally don’t want to share their travel plans with their entire Facebook network, and they do not like apps that use GPS tracking.
  • Timing – Many of the current solutions provide real-time notification when you are near your friends; however, with hectic schedules, it’s difficult to meet up with no advanced notice.
  • Tracking – Since we’re flooded with posts on social media, it’s very easy to miss relevant travel posts from your friends. In addition, as we add more people to our network, it’s difficult to keep track of where they all live.

Enter GoAmeego.

GoAmeego (1)Watch the tutorial video on the GoAmeego landing page for information on how to use the site

GoAmeego is a web platform that simplifies the process of connecting with friends when you travel. GoAmeego allows you to create a close group of friends to share your travel plans with, provides you with automated advanced notification when your travel plans overlap, and makes it simple to input your trips, all without the use of GPS.

To start, simply login with Facebook. Note that GoAmeego does not share your Facebook information with anyone – it is only used to show you which of your Facebook friends are already on GoAmeego.

Next, you’ll have the option to add friends to your GoAmeego network. You can invite friends via email or Facebook. You will also be able to see your Facebook friends that have already joined GoAmeego and can invite them with a click of a button.

GoAmeego (2)Add friends to your GoAmeego network through the Friends page

These are the close friends that you’d be excited to meet up with while traveling.  Your trips will only be shared with these friends, not your entire social network.

Lastly, you can enter your travel plans in your trip dashboard.  Simply name your trip, enter the city that you’ll be traveling to, and the dates that you’ll be there.  That’s it!  To make it even easier, you can also forward airline confirmation emails to trips@goameego.com, and we can add trips to your calendar for you.

GoAmeego (3)Schedule your trips via the GoAmeego Trip Dashboard

You can then scroll down to see which of your friends have overlapping travel plans.  When an overlap occurs, notification emails are sent to all overlapping parties.  Overlaps also occur if you are traveling to your friends’ home city or if they are traveling to your home city.

GoAmeego (4)See if your friends’ travel plans overlap with yours by checking the Upcoming Trips section

Never miss out on a connection again. GoAmeego has begun to build a network of users all over the world, beginning with the U.S. and Canada.  Allow us to help enrich your travel experience as well as your friendships.  For more information, check out GoAmeego.com!

As a special promotion to Pointshogger readers, we’re offering 1,000 SPG, Hilton, Hyatt, or Marriott points to the first Pointshogger reader to add 10 friends to their GoAmeego friends list. To be eligible, you must sign up after clicking the following link. We look forward to welcoming you to the GoAmeego community!

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