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How I Gained Hyatt Status Through M Life

So this past week I made a spontaneous trip down to Las Vegas. I have never really had an interest for the city, probably because of all the gambling involved, though all my friends boast about it every time they return on a flight from Las Vegas. I decided that it was time to confirm this for myself, so I packed my bags and jumped onto a flight to Las Vegas for ten days last August. They were right, I loved it. And I told myself that I would go back within the next few months.

The last time I was there, I decided to sign up for all the hotel player club cards: MLife, Total Rewards, Wynn Red Card, and Club Grazzie. I figured collecting these points would help me in some way or another when I return in the future (and hey, sign up was free).

After attending the Frequent Traveler University conference in Dallas, Texas a few weeks back, I learned about status match through Hyatt and MLife. This was great, as I have been looking for ways to earn Hyatt status as Canadians can only earn through stays with the Hyatt Gold Passport. Prior to my trip, I decided to make sure I knew which hotels were MGM properties, so I would not lose out on valuable points. Turns out there are 12 MGM properties in Las Vegas:

 MGM Properties

First things first, I booked a few deluxe suites at Vdara, nothing special, but enough to get me twelve thousand points more or less. With a 25 Tier points earning per dollar spent in M Life, elite status just got a little easier. You will also earn 5 points per dollar using your Hyatt Gold Passport. Although the earnings are quite different between the two loyalty programs, you will earn the same status.

Here’s the breakdown: You begin with Sapphire at sign up, you will earn Pearl status at 25,000 Tier points, Gold status at 75,000 Tier points and Platinum status at 200,000 Tier points. Below you can see how this matches with the Hyatt Gold statuses.



Some friends and I planned to watch a few Cirque du Soleil shows, which for the most part are located in MGM properties, so we pooled all our money in there. Buffets were also charged to the room. I don’t normally charge to the room, but in Vegas, if it’s part of your hotel chain, you should charge everything to the room. With having easily spent a few thousand dollars in Vegas expenses, this has effortlessly brought us up to Gold M life status and Platinum status with Hyatt. Here is M Life status at a glance:

 M Life Status Benefits

Here is Hyatt Platinum Membership at a glance:

 Hyatt Platinum Membership

I really love Hyatt properties and find it is impossible for Canadians to gain status without a co-branded credit card. The status match between M Life and Hyatt is one of the greatest partnerships I have seen. Thanks to some planned spending in Vegas, I was able to boost my earnings to gain Hyatt status at the same time. If you’re a Canadian like me longing for a co-branded Hyatt credit card, you can try earning status through M Life. I mean, if you’re there anyways right?

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