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More Details of New Aeroplan Released

Aimia’s (owner of Aeroplan) Chief Executive Officer, Jeremy Rabe released a video explaining some of the changes expected from July 2020 onward to its reward program. In short, the changes look very promising.

Highlights to watch for

  • Ability to transfer points to around 20 frequent flyer programs.
  • Cash and miles reward redemption option.
  • Ability to purchase airlines tickets directly with Aeroplan and earn miles as the same time.
  • Ability to redeem reward flight on any seat, on any airline, any time, anywhere.
  • Round-trip reward flights redemption will be:
    • North American short-haul: 15,000 miles
    • North American long-haul: 25,000 miles
    • Mexico and Caribbean: 40,000 miles
    • Europe: 60,000 miles
    • Asia: 75,000 miles

Unanswered questions

  • What will be the 20 frequent flyer transferable partners?
  • How much will the taxes and fuel surcharges be on an Aeroplan reward redemption?
  • Will there be continued co-branded credit cards beyond June 2020?


At first glance, I am very excited about these new initiatives. The taxes and fuel surcharges is going to be a deal breaker on their reward redemption. But with the new ability to transfer to partner airlines, it can be a game changer in Canada. Their value will highly depend on which partners they will have.

Either way, I am looking forward to their next round of details that they will release!

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