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My Top Ways of Earning Points

People have often asked me how I earn so many points. My first thought when asked this questions is: “Any way I can“. My second thought is: “Oh man, I wish I had more ways“. I finally put some thought to my answer, so today, I am going to list out my top ways f earning points.

1) Credit card Sign Up Bonuses

This is the single most lucrative way for me to currently earn points. Credit card sign up bonuses can really jump start our points portfolio in a significant way. Without these opportunities, I really believe that I would prefer earning cash back instead.

2) Credit Card Spending

I spend absolutely everything I possibly can on my credit cards. I even put purchases below $1 on my credit card. You need to pull my teeth to get me to use cash. When I see my friends paying in cash, I usually take their cash and pay for them. I haven’t really done this to family yet as I managed to get them all on board credit cards.

I would take this factor one step further. I try my best to be putting my spending towards reaching a minimum spend requirement to qualify for the sign up bonuses. This helps me increase my points balances way faster.

My back up credit card has been the Captial One Aspire Elite Travel MasterCard when I am not putting my spending towards minimum spend requirement, unless that particular credit card gives me a better return for certain categories, like the American Express Gold Rewards Card that gives me 2 points per $1 spent on gas and groceries.

3) Paying with my Loyalty Card

This varies from travelling expenses to every day expenses. Whenever I travel, I will always be collecting hotel or airline points if I am not redeeming my points for a reward trip.

Even for every day spending like Shoppers Drug Mart, I always present my Shoppers Optimum. Going to the movies, definitely have my Scene Card on me. For groceries, I shop mostly at T&T Supermarket, so I am so glad that they finally introduced a loyalty program.

4) Spending Bonuses

Every now and then you will see spending bonus promotions. This ranges from Aeroplan offering 2x the points on specific flights or for Esso gas purchases, to bonus Air Miles at LCBO. I don’t really drink alcohol but when I am buying a wine for a friend, you can be sure to get the product that has a bonus point promotion!

5) Doing Surveys

This can be done in the comforts of my own homes. This might actually be my favourite way to earn points because it doesn’t require me to spend any money. It does take a bit of time to rack up any significant amount of points on surveys, but every point counts, so I am happy to do it. I have written in the past about my survey portfolio.

6) Referral Bonuses

This applies mostly to American Express credit cards and maybe some other minor options out there like Swagbucks. Often times companies offer incentives to refer your friends and family to become a client.

7) Transfer Bonuses

Namely Avion or American Express transfer bonuses to British Aiways Avios. Transfer bonuses can really help generate additional points that you wouldn’t normally earn, so they are definitely worth planning for.


I will admit, I am still lacking on earning points through shopping portals. So this is probably my next big way of earning more loyalty points. I already feel like I am missing out.

So there you have it, my top ways of earnings points! How do you earn you points?

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