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Part 1 – Introduction: Airbnb

We welcome back Alex, from Easy Award Booking, who will write a multi-part series on airbnb.

It is true! Even though I travel the world on Business and First Class due to the amount of Airline points I have, when it comes to my vacations I do find that hotels are expensive even if you are staying at the hotels on points. Assuming you have free breakfast you will still have to eat twice more that day.

Alex Airbnb (1)Great Dinner at the Ritz Carlton (A Four Seasons Hotel) Chicago – However eating out 3 times a day can add up in cost

As you are aware, I run an award booking service. Part of the service which I offer is to help my clients with hotels. A lot of my clients enjoy travelling Business and First Class however when travelling for 3 weeks in Europe, they cannot afford to eat out twice or three times a day. When travelling as a family, the price just goes up! I am being asked more and more to find local self catering accommodation.  Why? Because it allows my clients to travel more without busting their budget within the first week!
AirBnB Facts: 25 Million guests looking at 1,000,000 listings in over 34,000 cities with an additional 600 castles

AirBnB has been around for a while, however no one seems to talk about it on BA. Why? Because there are no AirBnB credit cards 😉

Alex Airbnb (2)Most people associate AirBnB as sleeping in a windmill – Only $160!

However AirBnB when used properly is fantastic. I would say I spend around 60% of my time travelling using AirBnB. Yes, it’s not a  hotel however it is a home away from home where you can make your own food and save money to enjoy your vacation outside of the hotel. In the next part of this series I will explain the rules of AirBnB and what to look for to ensure you do not have any surprises. I will also share some of my favourite AirBnB properties.

Alex Airbnb (3)Lake Como property – Only $150 through AirBnB

Wanting to look more into AirBnB? Check out some properties in time for the summer and receive a $25 discount on your first reservation! $25 AirBnB Discount Link.

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