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Pet Policies on Flights

For most airline carriers, pets are accepted as a checked or carry-on baggage; however it is always important to check the terms and conditions before booking a flight.

Using Air Canada as an example, you are permitted to travel with your pet if you are traveling on Air Canada medal, those operated by Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge and Air Canada Express.

If you are going to keep your pet in the cabin, this will be accepted as one standard item towards your carry-on baggage allowance. The maximum weight permitted for pets in the cabin is 22 pounds. For pets in the baggage compartment, the maximum weight permitted is 70 pounds. You will also be charged for this service, which is dependent on the airline carrier you are travelling with. For Air Canada in this case, the charge for carry-on pet baggage it will be $50 or $100 CAD per one-way flight based on your itinerary details. For checked pet baggage, it will be $105 CAD per one-way flight.

Register Your Pet

You will be required to register your pet once you have booked your reservation. In order to prevent paying extra charges, it is best to register your pet over the phone within 24 hours of your booking. In any case where accommodations for your pet cannot be provided, you will have the option of getting a refund on your ticket without charge.


Travellers who plan to bring their pets on the flight will need to check-in at the airport 30 minutes before the recommended check-in time for all other passengers. Web check-in and airport self-service kiosks will not be permitted for travelers checking in pets. Your pet will need to see a front desk agent during check-in.


I will use Air Canada as an example again. This may vary based on the airline carrier you are travelling with. There are terms and conditions when bringing your cat or dog into an Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge; your pet will need to stay with you and kept in a pet carrier at all time. It is not permitted if any part of your pet extends itself outside the pet carrier.

Travellers with Pet Allergies

There are cases where a passenger will be allergic to pets and cannot be seated too close to one. It is the responsibility of that traveler to inform the check-in agent or gate agent of this allergy so that proper arrangements can be made.

Ultimately, pet policies vary from carrier to carrier, the first stay is to let the airline agent become aware of this and proper accommodation arrangements will be made. It is understandable if passengers wish to bring their pets on travel with them.

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