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[PROMOTION] Earn Aeroplan Points while Eating on the Plane

You can now earn Aeroplan points while purchasing food on Air Canada flights. You need to make purchases on flights that offer the Air Canada Café, except Air Canada Express flights operated by Jazz.

now allows you to earn Aeroplan points when you make purchases on your Air Canada flight.

When you order food on the plane, you can:

  • Earn 25 points for spending between $10 to $19.99 (excluding taxes)
  • Earn 50 points for spending $20 or more (excluding taxes)

The amount needs to be made on a single transaction. Multiple transaction purchases may not be combined to receive the promotional offer. Therefore, if you are travelling with more than 1 person who has an Aeroplan account, you are better of paying your own food to maximize the rewards. Just be sure to spend at least $10 before taxes on your purchase.

I actually feel like this is a very good promotion. Which is why, in the fine print, it states that this is a limited time promotional offer that may be terminated by Air Canada at any time and for any reason. If you happen to be flying on Air Canada in the near future and plan on purchasing food anyway, be sure to take advantage of this promotion while it lasts. It might actually be too good to be true. I hope they keep it around for as long as possible. Two thumbs up to Aeroplan and Air Canada!!

Keep in mind that any pre-purchases made online or through the Air Canada call centres are not eligible to receive this promotional offer. You will need to present your Aeroplan number at the time of the purchase. I just hope that there is not too much trouble for the flight attendant to collect our account numbers.

Let us know if you have had any experience with this service in the comment section below!

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