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[PROMOTION] Spend $50 and get 100 Air Miles at Rexall (expired on August 31, 2014)

Rexall and Air Miles are teaming up for a major promotion between August 29 and August 31, 2014. You can earn 100 Air Miles for spending $50. The usual exclusions apply including: prescriptions, products containing codeine, postal service and stamps, Gift Cards, lottery, transit tickets, phone cards, event tickets and taxes.

This is actually a higher than usual promotion. Normally we only see 50 points on $50 spending.

Because this types of promotions occur often enough, it is always useful to keep shopping list ready to go to take advantage of such promotions. Furthermore, I would not go out of my way to buy something that is not at the price that I want. Always look for double dipping opportunities, so see what’s on sale.

I usually take two approaches to shopping to take advantage of such promotions. I have a “stock up” list and a “hold off” list. So when I see a promotion like this, I would purchase items that are on sale that I will need to eventually buy anyway (e.g. toothpaste). This way, I won’t have to buy it later when there is no more promotion or sale. Secondly, I have a hold off list where I have an item that I need to buy, but it can wait a few days to catch a promotion such as this one. For example, certain food items that I do not absolutely need to eat now, but I can hold off eating it later.



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