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[PROMOTION] Shoppers DrugMart, Air Miles (expired)

Below are a few great promotions. I gave a few shopping tips recently, hopefully those tips will help you take advantage of these promotions.

Between January 6, 2014 and January 10, 2014, you can get a $10 Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Card when you spend $50 or more. The usual exclusions apply: prescription purchases, products with codeine, insulin and select insulin products, tobacco products (where applicable), stamps, passport photos, lottery tickets, event tickets, transit tickets and passes, gift cards, prepaid phone cards, prepaid card products and Shoppers Home Health Care locations.

The quantities of the gift cards are limited so be sure to take advantage of this promotion while it lasts. If one store runs out, be sure to make your purchases at another store. One suggest I have for you is to go to a store that you know has lower traffic. Keep in mind that the gift card will expire on January 31, 2014. As I mentioned in my tips, this is the time to buy things on your on-going shopping list so that you don’t end up buying anything unnecessary for the sake of getting the gift card.


Air MilesBetween January 6, 2014 and March 2, 2014, Shell and Air Miles teamed up for two promotions.

The first promotion, you can:

  • Earn 10x Air miles points with Shell V-Power Premium fuels
  • Earn 2x Air miles points with Shell Bronze, Silver or Diesel fuels

Keep in mind that there is a $30 minimum fuel purchase. There is also a maximum of 290 points that you can earn per qualifying transaction.

Shell has a bizarre way of calculating Air Miles. You earn 1 point for every $20 spent. However, to get the second point, you need to spend an additional $30 on that same transaction. That means you need to spend $50 to earn 2 points on the same transaction, which is worse than the first $20. Therefore, when I fill up at Shell, I top it at $20 to earn the 1 point and I will fill up another $20 another time. This obviously requires more work than necessary, so I’m not a fan of the Shell-Air Miles partnership.

In terms of this promotion, you need to spend the $30, which only gives you 1 point, because you have not reached the $50 yet. That means $30 gets you 10 points (1 x 10). Or you can spend the full $50 and get 20 points (2 x 10). Or $80 gets you 30 points (3 x 10) and so on.

The second promotion you can earn 20 points when you purchase 2 Car Washes along with a minimum of $20 fuel purchase.

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