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Update on the Pickering Airport

A year and a half ago, we posted about the proposed Pickering Airport, north-east of Toronto, in Ontario, Canada. As you probably already know, airports are a hobby of mine, so I’ve been keeping...

Energy Saving Solutions at Canadian Airports

This past year, India launched the world’s first airport which is entirely operated on solar power. Experts have estimated that the new power system will save 300,000 tons of carbon emissions over the...

When to Choose a Direct Flight or a Layover

Pointshogger readers of frequently asked us whether it makes more sense to choose a direct flight or a layover. So today, I will list out some of the factors that I consider when making this decision. Most...

How Airports Make Money

We know airlines make revenue through flight tickets and ancillary services offered on board, but how do airports survive in the industry? Most of the revenue generated by airport is found in non-aeronautical...

Air Travel Past Versus Present: Airport Experience

In our previous post, we spoke about how air travel has changed in terms of the flight experience. Today’s post will focus on the airport experience and how it has changed over the years. Airport Lounges Lounges...

What to do when stuck at the Toronto Pearson International Airport

Over 200 Air Canada flights were cancelled on July 3, 2015 at the Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) due to a fuel company dispute. By July 4, 2015, flights started to go back to normal, though...

[READER QUESTION] If I Can Work for One Airline, Which Would it be?

Which airline would I work for? If you know people who work for airlines, we know that they generally get a lot of fight discount perks. There are many benefits for working for an airline, so which airline...

[AIRPORT] Vancouver ranked the Least Frustrating Airport in North America

According to Bloomsberg Businessweek’s new Airport Fustration Index, Vancouver International Airport makes it on the top of the list as being the least frustrating airport in all of North America. The...

Top 5 Airports for Layovers in Canada

Many of us will be travelling during the holidays, so inspired by fellow Blogger The Points Guy, I have decided to put together a list of top airports in Canada for layovers. Layovers happen when you cannot...

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