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Tag: Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

[AIRLINE] Expiration Policies (updated on February 20, 2016)

I think that we are due for an update for airline expiration policies, as a few of them have changed recently. I have only listed frequent flyer programs that have a direct way of earning miles with them...

Which Frequent Flyer Program to use in Each Respective Regions of Canada

Often times, I am asked which airline frequent flyer program to accrue. My answer has always been the same, it depends on which region of the country that you live. Depending on which part of the country...

Alaska Airlines Partners

Alaska Airlines is becoming a very popular airline, so I thought I’d look deeper into the value of its loyalty program, Mileage Plan. Though Alaska Airlines is not a member of any airline alliance,...

[ANALYSIS] MBNA Alaska Airlines MasterCard Companion Fare

The MNBA Alaska Airlines MasterCard has become a fairly popular credit card in Canada. One of its main selling features is its annual coach Companion Fare. Below are the highlights of this credit card...

[ANALYSIS] Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

This post will be similar to the one about Delta Airlines for Canadians, but instead, we are breaking down the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan instead. It’s always great to give airlines in Canada a...

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