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Factors on Whether to Cancel or Keep a Credit Card

When you have a portfolio of multiple credit cards to keep track of, the question I constantly ask myself, which credit cards should I keep and which ones should I cancel? Today, I will list the main factors...

Thoughts on Credit Card Churning

People often ask how others are able to accrue so many miles and points so quickly without flying much. One of the ways to do it is by credit card churning. Explanation of Churning Credit card churning...

Top 8 Reasons for Not Having a Credit Card

Do you ever wonder why people who are eligible for a credit card do not own a credit card? Pointshogger decided to look a little more into this by speaking with a few people and doing a bit of research...

How to Encourage Customers to Retain their Credit Cards

There have been rumours that American Express might no longer allow customers to churn their credit cards. We will see if there is any truth to this rumour in the coming months. Churning is the process...

[PROMOTION] 2,500 Air Miles with American Express (expired)

There is a current offer to earn 2,500 Air Miles points that expires on April 30, 2014 on the American Express AIR MILES Reserve Credit Card. The highlights of the credit card are as follows: $299...

[ANALYSIS] Capital One Vibe MasterCard

UPDATE- Here is a list of the top student credit cards. Another new year, another new semester for students. It can be stressful being a student at this time of the year. Waiting for exam results, applying...

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