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Top Loyalty Programs in Canada (updated November 13, 2016)

This post is long overdue for an update. Last time around, I still listed Air Miles as one of the top 5. With the upcoming controversial expiry policy (which may be altered anyway by a new legislation),...

[ANALYSIS] Esso Extra Partners up with Various Brands

For those who have the Esso Extra membership card, you can now use your points to redeem rewards from many brands, such as Hockey Canada and Tim Horton’s. Here’s a highlight of some of their current...

How to Begin Using your Esso Extra Privileges Card

In an earlier post we introduced the Extra Privileges fuel savings card offered by Esso which helps increase your savings in gas. To begin using your Extra Privileges card, the first step you will need...

[PROMOTIONS] Bonus Esso Extra Points (expired on November 10, 2014)

With the price of gas still high (but at least holding steady), I’m always looking for ways to earn more bonus points on my gas spending to soften the blow. Between September 16, 2014 and November...

Top No Annual Fee Credit Cards (other than cash back)

I previously wrote about the top “cash” back no annual fee credit cards in Canada. Below are the top other types of no annual fee credit cards. Keep in mind that these credit cards are specific...

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