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[READER QUESTION] What Types of Travel Insurance are Covered on Award Travel?

A Pointshogger’s reader asked a question about the types of travel insurance that is covered on award travel. Generally speaking, if you have purchased your ticket with a travel credit card, you are...

A Comparison Between Travel Insurance Credit Cards Relative to Annual Fee

It is always good to carry a card which can cover you while you are travelling, especially if this is all part of being a cardholder. Although travel insurance is great on some credit cards, we don’t...

[TRAVEL INSURANCE] Best Credit Cards for Delayed or Lost Baggage

In previous posts we looked at Emergency Medical Insurance, Trip Interruption and Trip Cancellation. Another important section of Travel Insurance Credit Cards is the coverage for delayed or lost baggage....

[TRAVEL INSURANCE] Best Credit Cards for Emergency Medical Insurance

Deciding on a good travel insurance package can sometimes be very time consuming (and expensive) depending on our travel needs, however, we often overlook the fact that we may already have a good travel...

[TRAVEL INSURANCE] Best Credit Cards for Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption

We will be writing a multiple part series on the best credit cards for travel insurance. Each post will cover a different category of insurance. First up, we have Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption....

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