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Tim Hortons Launches Tims Rewards Program

I was recently interviewed by Global News to provide my thoughts about Tim Hortons’ new rewards program called Tims Rewards (free to sign up). Looks like they want to compete with McDonald’s and Starbuck’s loyalty programs.


The program is fairly straight forward. For every 7 qualifying purchases (coffee, tea, or baked good), you earn 1 point. After 7 points, you earn 1 reward. However, you can only have a maximum of 5 rewards in the bank. This essentially forces you to redeem on the go. I really like the 5 reward limit condition, because it goes with the earn and burn philosophy that we emphasize at Pointshogger.


There is a minimum purchase of $0.50 paid out of pocket. This means that you cannot just buy 1 Timbit to earn a point. Aside from Timbits, other notable items excluded bagels and hot chocolate. Though they are working on plans to add more eligible items.

Furthermore, each point earn has to be 30 minutes apart. This means that if you and 7 other friends are at Tims together, one person cannot earn the points for each purchase. But maybe you can buy 7 seven coffees and have the 8th one free on the same purchase?


Reward options include ANY SIZE coffee, tea or a baked good. This is amazing, because you can purchase 7 smalls and redeem for 1 large.


I’m not a coffee drinker and I usually only buy Timbits a couple of times a year at Tim Hortons, so I may not have this reward program in my wallet for the time being.

That being said, I am still excited for the launch of this new rewards program. It should help increase the competition in the loyalty market, which is usually a good thing for consumers.

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