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[TRAVEL] Advantages of Taking the Train

After taking the bullet train in Japan, it really got me thinking about what are the benefits of travelling by train. So today, I will list some of my top reasons for taking the train. I will also rank them according to my personal top reasons:

1) Comfort

Hands down, I find the train as the most comfortable means of transportation. Definitely above boat, bus, car and plane. Train seating is generally more spacious and you have the option of having a private cabin if you want even more privacy for long trips. Some trains even have dining cabins, so you can have a comfortable meal while travelling.

Trains make it easy to rest, relax, sleep or even read and work. Trains also have excellent windows, so you can appreciate the view while travelling. Generally the views on a train are pretty good, especially on the countryside or going through mountains. Better than watching other cars and trucks on a highway or staring at the clouds.

2) Safety

Trains seem to have a pretty good track record on safety relative to the other means of transportation.

3) Environmentally friendly

This factor is fairly well documented that trains definitely emit less pollution. Especially if the train is full, because it can carry a lot of people at a time.

4) Less affected by weather delays

Every means of transportation gets affected by weather delays, but trains are in a good position to overcome them better than the other means.

5) Cost effective

In many regions of the world, travelling by train is a very cost-effective way, especially in places that sell unlimited passes. Furthermore, in some cases, travelling overnight can also be a great way to save money on hostel or hotel accommodations. This goes back to factor number one, where I would rather sleep overnight on a train than a bus or plane.

6) Less hassle at the boarders

Also depending on the region of the world, but train help expedite the time you would have to spend crossing a different country’s boarder.

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