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VIA Rail Promotions (2x the points and 40% off rewards)

As you already know, travelling by train is pretty much my favourite way to commute. So I am always happy to see some decent promotions offered by VIA Rail. Below are two offers that covers certain travel the next few months.

Earn 2x the Points on Economy Travel

First of all, if you travel between December 17, 2015 and January 31, 2016, you will receive double the points with Economy class trips. You will have to register for the promotion.

40% Discount on Select Reward Trips

The second promotion is that you can redeem 40% fewer points when you book a reward trip on the Ocean or the Canadian in class of service for trips between December 17, 2015 and March 31, 2016.

Some of the significant promotions on the more popular routes to watch out for include:

Montreal – Halifax route

  • Short distance (less than 8 hours) – Economy – 420 (instead of 700 points)
  • Long distance (8 hours or more) – Economy – 780 (instead of 1,300 points)
  • Cabin for two – Sleeper Plus – 2,055 (instead of 3,425 points)

Toronto – Vancouver route

  • Edmonton to Vancouver – Economy – 975 (instead of 1,625 points)
  • Edmonton to Vancouver – Sleeper Plus – 4,500 (instead of 7,500 points)
  • Toronto to Edmonton – Economy – 1,455 (instead of 2,425 points)
  • Toronto to Edmonton – Sleeper Plus – 4,500 (instead of 7,500 points)
  • Toronto to Vancouver – Economy – 2,340 – (instead of 3,900 points)
  • Toronto to Vancouver – Sleeper Plus – 7,800 (instead of 13,000 points)

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