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Air China Deals from Toronto to China and Southeast Asia

Air China has recently dropped their ticket prices from Toronto to China and some cities in Southeast Asia, bringing most tickets’ ranges from $700 to $900 roundtrip with taxes included. You will need to book your dates from October of this year to March of 2016. It doesn’t look like there is an expiry date for this promotion, so you will need to book your tickets as soon as possible.

First thing you will need to do is enter the Air China website. I will enter Toronto (YYZ) for my home location and Hong Kong (HKG) for my destination. I will also input some random dates in November. Here are the results I get.

Air China Deal (1)

I love how Air China visually shows me that the dates I had chosen were more expensive and offer cheaper tickets if I were to fly on other dates. I will readjust my dates to one of the cheaper ones at $749.83. Now it will give me details on my outbound and inbound flight.

Air China Deal (2)

Now let’s choose our inbound flight. Looks like Air China has already highlighted the cheapest flight ticket option for us.

Air China Deal (3)

The base fare then becomes $408, with taxes and surcharges, our ticket price comes to a total of $749.83. Not bad for an international flight. You’ll also find that ticket prices range around that general price for cities in Southeast Asia.

Air China Deal (4)

Air China Deal (5)

As shown on Google Flights, you can see that the cheapest dates to leave are in the November range. However, looks like Google Flights gives us $894 for the cheapest flights around that time with flights offered by China Eastern Airlines. Flights from Air China are approximately two hundred dollars more.

Air China Deal (6)

Let’s look at a comparison with Hipmunk. With Hipmunk, we can take out the airlines we don’t wish to fly with, so let’s narrow it down to Air China and Air Canada as previously found on the Air China website. The results show that the cheapest flight from Air Canada is $1227.01, about three hundred dollars more than what Air China was offering on their page.

This seems like a promotion offered only on the Air China website. If you’re planning on getting away from the cold this winter, I would take advantage of this promotion.

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