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Business Owners can earn Loyalty Points paying Employees

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As a business owner, it is almost a standard to try and expense everything on your corporate credit cards and rack up the reward points that go along with it. Some companies allow their employees to pay for business related expenses with their personal credit cards and get reimbursed afterwards. In such cases, the employee gets to earn points on their personal accounts. In other companies they give out corporate credit cards so the company gets to keep all the points.

Wages and salaries are typically one of the largest expenses in business. Salaries are generally paid out in cash, cheque or a direct deposit to the employees’ bank account, so there is often no opportunity to gain any rewards in return. With such a large expenditure, countless reward miles are being lost through the traditional payment methods. Fortunately, now it is possible to pay employee salaries through the use of a credit card.

Push Operations gives the option to charge a company’s payroll to a specific corporate credit card and pay it off through business bank accounts like paying off a credit card bill every month.

This is an exciting new opportunity to generate a lot of loyalty points for a business to use. If I were a business owner, I would definitely consider this option.

Please note that this opportunity is for BUSINESSES IN CANADA ONLY.

You can also watch the testimonial from the General Manager at The Parlour Restaurant (Vancouver, BC) who can tell you more about why it works for his business and how much he is loving it.

If you would like more information on how this works (aside from what’s posted on the website) you can fill out your information below and a representative will give you a call to provide more details.

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