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[TRAVEL] Canadian Passport Information

I will need to renew my passport this summer and I was looking into the procedures, especially the fees. So I thought I’d write a post about the passport procedure and the fee structure.

Depending on your status in Canada, you may have a different procedure to follow when it comes to getting a passport in Canada. The classifications are as follows: (1) Canadian in Canada; (2) Canadian in the United States; (3) Canadian abroad; and (4) Non-Canadian in Canada.

When getting a passport, you will need two identical photos of yourself taken by a commercial photographer. It may depend on where you live, but I would try to find places that only charge you $10 for both photos. Some places may charge up to twice that amount, so shop around to see what the competition is charging.

The passport fee structure is as follows:

Passport fees



5-year Adult passport (age 16 or over)


10-year Adult passport (age 16 or over)


Child passport (0 to 15 years of age)


Expedited services


Processing time

Additional fee

Urgent pick-up

24 hours


Express pick-up

2 to 9 business days


Standard pick-up

10 business days


Administrative services



Certified true copy of part of a passport or other travel document (one to three copies)


Replacement of a valid lost or stolen passport or other travel document (in addition to passport fee)


File transfer (to a different passport office in Canada)


As an adult aged 16 and over, the current most cost effective choice is the “10-year Adult passport” for $160 CDN, which is what I plan to go for. The expedited services and administrative services fees are in addition to the standard fees if you choose to use those services.

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