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Whether we can Transfer Aventura Points to Aeroplan Miles

This is my third day in a row writing about CIBC. I should be taking a break on them by tomorrow, unless CIBC wants to pump out another surprise promotion!

I have been frequently asked whether we can still transfer Aventura points to Aeroplan. First of all, as of October 1, 2013, CIBC’s Aventura Rewards program discontinued its partnership with Aeroplan. So any new credit card application from that day onward, you will no longer have the ability to transfer Aventura points to Aeroplan miles.

That being said, there is still a way to transfer your Aventura points to Aeroplan if you are grandfathers. Below, I have listed the various conditions.

Appropriate Credit Card

You need to hold one of the following credit cards:

  • CIBC Aventura World Elite MasterCard
  • CIBC Aventura Visa Infinite
  • CIBC Aventura Gold Visa

Sign Up Date

You need to have signed up for one of the above listed credit cards prior to October 1, 2013 and be in good standing. So long as you continuously renewed the credit card after all this time, then you are grandfathered and able to transfer Aventura points to Aeroplan Miles.

How the Conversion Works

Aventura points are converted to Aeroplan miles at an exchange rate of 1 for 1. You also need to convert your points in 10,000-point increments.


It really is too bad that they stopped their partnership. It seems that CIBC really wanted to put more emphasis on their Aventura rewards program. This puts them at a disadvantage compared to RBC’s Avion program from this perspective.

I also noticed that Aventura Rewards is no longer participating in the conversion bonus promotion with Aeroplan. That’s too bad, because it would have an even better incentive for existing (prior to October 1, 2013) cardholders to continue to retain their credit cards.

If you qualify under the above conditions and you haven’t been taking advantage of this transfer option, then you are probably better off just cancelling it, then sign up again in the future to get a new sign up bonus.

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